Skateboards recycled into guitar 1 octobre 2018 – Posted in: Articles

If you want a unique and original guitar, this artist knows how to manufacture with skateboard!

Innovative ideas and originality is everything we love. Discover the creations of passionate and talented people, it is also what motivates and inspires our small team Kluma.

Today we present you in a beautiful series of photographs, the outstanding work of young Nick Pourfard, self-educated and graduated in industrial design, Prisma Guitar designer.

Nick was able to brilliantly combine his passions for music and skateboarding surprisingly. In his workshop in San Francisco, it retrieves the wood of used or broken skateboards to create unique quality guitars, manufactured 100% by hand. Through the use of several skates for one guitar, the multitude of colors is completely random and each instrument is unique.

Rigorous work for a stunning result. To learn more about the manufacturing process, go watch the video below or go on its website.

PRISMA GUITARS: Guitars Made From Skateboards from Prismaguitars on Vimeo.

Bois de planche skate

Travail du bois

Planche de skate découpées

découpage planche de skate


cordes guitare

guitare et planches de skate

Résultat guitares

© Nick Pourfard- Prisma Guitar

With his kind permission