reebok republishes the Stomper Hi for 30 year anniversary of Aliens 1 août 2018 – Posted in: Articles

Directed by James Cameron and released in 1986, Aliens the return, turns 30 this year.

To celebrate the anniversary of the second part of the famous saga of science fiction, Reebok and Century Fox recreate the sneakers worn by Sigourney Weaver alias Ellen Ripley

April 26 is officially “Alien Day”

Like Star Wars, May 4, or Back to the Future, October 15 Alien now has its own dedicated day. The date chosen by FOX is not a coincidence. It indeed refers to the planet LV426 on which the crew of the Nostromo discovers the ship of unknown species at the beginning of the first opus Alien, the eighth passenger emerged meanwhile in 1979 in theaters.

For the no-English speakers or those who question the relation between April 26 and LV426: in US English, the dates are written by reversing the daily figure with the number of the month is 4/26 to April 26;)



If you are a “cinema lover” and a fan of sneakers like us, you will remember the red and white sneakers worn by the unforgettable Ellen Ripley: Reebok Alien Stompers which were designed specifically for the film.

This Tuesday, April 26th, you can get this iconic collector of the movie industrie. You can choose between two models: top version and mid-cut

Aliens Stomper Hi


The Stomper Low will be available at Colette priced at € 175 and Stomper Hi Reebok on the site at 130 €



Also as part of the Alien Day, a Twitter account will be created for the occasion. In addition to stories about the saga, an online quiz will allow you to win prizes every 42.6 minutes. For pinball fans, Zen Studios will launch 3 tables of virtual pinball themed Alien universe: The Pack Aliens vs. Pinball will be available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, Steam, Apple and Google Play. Enjoy!
Alien vs Pinball Announcement