Kluma, how it works ? 31 juillet 2018 – Posted in: Articles

In the vein of “do it yourself” and at the time when everyone expresses its originality through its Shoes, Kluma imagined a shoe split into 2 parts that pump up your walk! No need to learn to tie his shoelaces, Kluma already did !! This system allows you in just seconds to change your shoes with a simple slide into your Kluma shoes.

The shoelace already laced, how does it really works?

« The holding shoelace », a new word that could be add in the dictionary!


For the technical part, which remains very simple as our Office of Research and Development has described : The concept of shoe lacing includes several elements for its implementation; a pair of shoelace, a pair a holding device, two pairs of guides and a pair of shoes. The system of the invention consists of a “plastic”piece in the shape of a horseshoe on which is attached a shoelace or decorative shoelaces. This piece, pre-laced, just slide in two guides fixed on the shoe for a mechanical connection and interchangeability of the system based on aesthetic choices of the owner of the shoe.

It has three interests:

– Technical Interests:  you save time to change the shoelaces. You get a minimal tightening to maintain your foot in the shoe. It’s easy to use and interchange your shoelace.

– Aesthetic Interest: You can customize your shoelaces. Your shoelaces color match with your clothe. You can offer a new life, a new style to your shoe each time you slide a new shoelace. You always have a clean shoelace.

– Economic Interests: You don’t need to buy several pairs of shoes to have different styles, but simply buy shoelaces that cost five times cheaper than a shoe.

How long do you think you can change your shoelaces? Share us your estimate time on our contact page. :)