Contemporary art to see this summer 8 juin 2018 – Posted in: Articles

Every  summer we like to stay out for hours and not necessarily being locked in a museum. If you want to discover some surprising contemporary art outdoors, put on your Kluma shoes and follow us!

Admire a waterfall hanging in the Museum of Versailles (France) 

Art conemporain, Versailles 2016

Waterfall, 2016 de Olafur Eliasson Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Known for its spectacular installations, the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson is the guest of Versailles in this summer 2016. In the gardens, you will discover its works with mist and water in the waterfall installation that is hanging in the sky. Amazing!

Walking on water in Italy

Photo: Wolfgang Volz© 2016 Christo

Photo: Wolfgang Volz© 2016 Christo

The Floating Piers are located on Lake Iseo in the northern of Italy. It took divers anchoring together 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes covered by 1,076,391 square feet of yellow fabric to create the “piers,” which are 52 feet wide and 14 inches high.

In the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains, walk on the yellow bridge is a unique and amazing experience.

Contemplating the Bosphorus under the hanging gardens in Istanbul

Art contemporain Istanbul

Photo : Yerçekim

Sky Garden

In the heart of the very tourist Ortaköy Square, architects SO? had the idea to install a hanging garden with many varieties of potted plants and a pulley system that allows interaction with visitors.

Walking through the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

Photo:V&A Museum

Photo:V&A Museum

Elytra Filament Pavilion

A beautiful facility that covers over 200 m², designed by German architects Achim Menges and Moritz Dorstelmann, The engineer Jan Knippers and Climate engineer Thomas Auer.

Inspired by nature and manufactured by robots, the structure includes a carbon fiber hood. It is covered in woven resin using a unique robotics technic.

The exhibition explores “biomimicry” and makes honor to the animal “kingdom”

More info on the museum site

A drink or a watch a movie on a floating platform on the shore of Lake Zurich

Pavillon of Reflections Installations Manifesta Zurich

Pavillon of Reflections. Photo: Wolfgang Traege, courtesy of Manifesta

For the 11th edition of Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Zurich, will discover the “Pavilion of Reflections“. This pavilion is a floating platform, swimming area during the day and at night it’s a place for film screening.

If you have some contemporary art near you or around the world to advise us, share them on our Facebook page or our contact page. Kluma wish you a great summer!