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Portugal kluma

“Arty” weekend in Lisbon

Following our series getaway. This time, we share the surprising and eclectic culture of Lisbon. In 2 or 3 days, it is quite possible to enjoy and have a good overview of one of the most attractive cities in Europe. A city full of colors, art and discovery. Kluma offers you a few different places that you can easily do with the most tourist places mentioned in guidebooks. Let’s go?  Lx FACTORY In the district…

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mesa_stinkfish_vitry_france_2016 (6)

Stinkfish in France! The street are colorful…

For the first time in France, the stencil Stinkfish, in collaboration with several urban artists, traveled around the country for a long and vibrant tour. In recent weeks, the Colombian artist honored several French cities of murals paint. Recognizable at first glance, we find colorful ethnic character painted with stenciled and with his freestyle, energetic so characteristic of all his work. Born in Mexico in the early 80s, Stinkfish grew up in Colombia, where his…

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Milan Design Week and sneakers

Go to Italy with Kluma to discover sneakers art design. As part of the Milan Design Week, Nike has proposed several international designers to explore the natural movement beyond sneakers for the exhibition “The Nature of Motion”. Located in a former industrial building in the south of the city, the space is divided by walls made from boxes of white shoes around each facility. Along a path, the visitor discovers creations based around the idea…

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A.L Crego street art and animation

The Spanish photographer and motion designer Adrian Lopez Crego create beautiful and surprising images: By combining his two talents, he gives life to the best urban works in the form of GIF The Cinemagraph: between photo and video The term “Cinemagraph” was invented by photographer Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg Motion Designer who used this technique to animate their fashion photos during Fashion Week in early 2011. This process of giving life to photos using…

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Okuda embellish a new church

Following our last article, we talked about the Kaos Temple, a former church converted into a skate park. After this project that we had enjoyed, the street artist Okuda San Miguel painted outside this time to another church in Youssoufia, a city in Morocco located 100km from Marrakech. Under the Street Art Caravan which is held in different Moroccan cities, many national and international artists created murals design. To educate young people to art, workshops…

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Kluma vous souhaite le meilleurs pour 2016

Wish you all the best for 2016 !

We wish you a very happy new year! 2016 will be very colorful and stylish with the opening of sales from March 1 for new collections of shoes and shoelaces and many other surprises! #YourFutureIsYoursToDesign #CustomizeIt #MyKluma

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Championnat de France de skateboard 2016

Kluma and urban sports

You know that Kluma is concerne about everything related to the urban environment, whether athletic or artistic. So for the 2016 Skateboard Championships in France we offer you a first overview of the 3 favorite skate parks! Kaos temple, Spain © red bull media An abandoned church transformed into Skate Park. Designed by architect Manuel del Busto Asturian in 1912, the Church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, was abandoned for years. End of 2015, with the help of Red Bull and partially…

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assimiler les couleurs de lacets avec vos vêtements et accessoires

Some TIPS for a trendy look with your Kluma shoes…

Jeans and sneakers are far from being a “fashion wrong step”. In fact, this is a good compromise between comfort, style and casual chic. There is no hesitation: we change and we interchange our color shoelaces to go with our favorite clothing accessories for both girls and boys. Kluma ultimate customization. And if after spending a long day at work, we exchanged our computer against a skateboard; it’s time to do some sports, but always in…

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