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Kluma son histoire, sa marque, sa vision, sa mission


Our story goes back four years ago in New York City. As a sport fan, we used to play basketball with members of different communities. Each time, just before playing, players would sit down and change their shoelaces, we wondered why. We realised they could not afford several pairs of shoes, so they bought much cheaper laces to change their styles. On the court, their shoelaces represented their belonging, but outside the court it was more about “showing off” with wide, flashy and colour shoelaces that always matched their outfits. It was at that moment that our idea of creating a new concept of exchangeable laces was born. They always said that without these accessories your kick worth nothing, and laces truly give a new life to a shoe.


Kluma, which is the name of a chameleon, is a 100% customisable clothing brand for people who want to be different with their own look.


All Kluma concepts, which are the property of the brand, are protected in more than 30 countries for 20 years. Kluma is the sole operator of this innovation and has an exclusive right in these countries to industrialize, distribute and market its unique concept.