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Milan Design Week and sneakers

Go to Italy with Kluma to discover sneakers art design. As part of the Milan Design Week, Nike has proposed several international designers to explore the natural movement beyond sneakers for the exhibition “The Nature of Motion”. Located in a former industrial building in the south of the city, the space is divided by walls made from boxes of white shoes around each facility. Along a path, the visitor discovers creations based around the idea…

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A.L Crego street art and animation

The Spanish photographer and motion designer Adrian Lopez Crego create beautiful and surprising images: By combining his two talents, he gives life to the best urban works in the form of GIF The Cinemagraph: between photo and video The term “Cinemagraph” was invented by photographer Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg Motion Designer who used this technique to animate their fashion photos during Fashion Week in early 2011. This process of giving life to photos using…

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